We at Sahara & Co seek to provide students with an encouraging, collaborative and supportive environment in which they can grow and develop into young industry leaders. We are excited to be part of this strong emerging force building the Canadian economy by providing students with the basic skills and knowledge required to excel in today’s market.

Spend the summer at Sahara & Co
Each year, we welcome successful university applicants to participate in the experience of product development and brand building both nationally and in foreign markets. Under the direction of Business Owner, Yvonne Robertson, candidates are exposed to the evolving intricacies of managing an SME. We take pride in our students' experiences. We encourage our youth to seek out new and challenging experiences and hope to incite an entrepreneurial spirit. The Sahara & Co Ltd Mentorship Program is a fully certified, ‎renumerated and intensive two-year paid internship that focuses on the multiple aspect of business management.

Level 1: Brand Development, Marketing, Sales & Account Management
Learn the basics of brand development, marketing, sales and account management. From developing editorial advertisements and e-newsletters to attending trade shows and in-store demonstrations, participants are taught how to successfully communicate with customers through multiple mediums. We also want you to take a hands-on approach while learning to effectively use social media for marketing purposes, assisting in the creation of content for our various platforms. Product fulfillment procedures, inventory counts/ building, as well as overall office organization and maintenance will round out Level 1 training.

Level 2: GMP, Supply Chain Management, Global Procurement
During Level 2 you are given more responsibility in accounting and supply chain management including overseeing orders, creating invoices, reaching out to customers, and working with outside sources. There is also more involvement in product development and we expect you to pitch ideas for new products. Sahara and Co. takes responsibility in ensuring that our premium products are safe and, as such, educate all employees and interns to assure the continued integrity and safety of our supply chain. Second year interns are given the opportunity to participate in more off-site meetings, including trade shows in Toronto, Las Vegas, Chicago and Florida.