Living Sustainably

Living Sustainably

The environmental debate has been making headlines for years. As we continue to consume more and more things, it is important to be conscious of the impact it has on the earth.


As a company, we are becoming aware of ways that we can make our business practices and production more sustainable. Other companies share this philosophy, like 1 Hotels. Natural light, reclaimed wood, and abundant plant life dominate their modern aesthetic. Plastic is replaced with cardboard and notepads with chalkboards. Even their rooms include 100% cotton bedding and a triple-filtered tap.

There are a few simple things everyone can do to increase their sustainability.

  1. Go to local markets and support the farmers and artisans in your neighborhood. The more food has to travel, the more pollutants are released into the air. This also helps you to eat more seasonally, which will limit the number of toxins in your food.
  2. Remember to recycle as much as possible. Check the label on your cans and glass bottles; sometimes you are able to return them to local stores for a small refund!
  3. Resell and donate old items. There are plenty of websites, services, and stores that will help to sell your clothes, furniture, and accessories and give them a better home. Some companies, like Reformation and H&M, will take the material from your old clothes and make them into new ones - how cool!
  4. Walk more. Walking doesn’t produce any pollution and is fantastic for your body and mind. Not only will you save on gas money, but you’ll find yourself feeling more toned, energized and will discover cool new places in your hometown.
  5. Use loose leaf tea! Save on packaging, skyrocketing coffee shop prices and disposable cups by getting your caffeine fix at home with tea. Using a loose leaf tea limits all the waste that is produced from packaging, whether it is from a tea bag or at a store. Steep your leaves in a reusable tumbler. That way, you are able to compost the leaves and use it again. All of our teas are contain natural ingredients that are healthy for you and the earth. Cheers!

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