Fresh Facts: Lemons

by The Interns on May 24, 2017


Here are five major ways in which lemons can benefit your overall health and tips on how to incorporate them into your day to day life!


As you are already aware, water is essential to our existence. Even if you think you're drinking enough of it, you probably are not not. So why not add an additional boost of flavour to your everyday hydration. Spas and yoga studios have been adding lemon to their water for a while and for good reason. Lemon water provides additional vitamins and nutrients to further help you stay hydrated.

By adding just a few slices of fresh lemon, or even a spritz of juice, your water will quickly turn from drab to fab!  


We’ve all had those days where we're feeling crappy because our digestive system is not cooperating. Instead of running to the nearest pharmacy, reach into your fridge for a lemon! Lemons contain the phytochemical compound D-limonene which acts like a digestive enzyme to relieve us from heartburn, indigestion, and helps to neutralize gastric acid.

Add a lemon slice to our soothing and cleansing Chamomantra tea before bed to help cleanse your insides. You’ll wake up the next morning feel fresh and bloat free!


Ditch the OJ and turn to lemons for your daily dose of Vitamin C. A medium-sized lemon contains around 40 grams of the vital vitamin which is key to fighting off infections and unwanted free radicals.

Incorporate lemon juice or zest into your morning breakfast smoothie to ensure you get all your vitamins first thing in the day. Try this blueberry-lemon morning detox smoothie or this lemon and ginger detox smoothie to help you get on the right track.


Naturally low in fat and calories, lemons are a great fruit to promote weight loss. Lemons are a great source of pectin, a form of soluble fiber which helps to lower blood sugar and increase the feeling of fullness. Whether you're eating it or drinking it, incorporating it into your diet can help discourage cravings for artificial and processed foods and beverages.

Add a slice of lemon into a steeping cup of our citrus slimming tea, Burn Baby Burn. The combination of Pu-erh and Yerba Mate with the added benefits of lemon will provide a powerful detox for your body to promote healthy weight loss.


Not only will they make you glow from the inside, but on the outside as well! Lemon juice acts as a great scalp treatment to clear up dandruff as well as make your hair brighter and shinier. It also helps promote clear skin as lemons provide a natural source of AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids) that work similarly to a chemical peel without the heightened price point.

You don’t have to spend excessive amounts of money on skincare products when you can make your own DIY lemon face and body scrub with ingredients you most likely already have at home. Lemon juice helps exfoliate the skin by clearing away dead skin cells and lingering sebum for a more even skin tone. Check out this easy to follow recipe from Allure

So when life gives you lemons, use them in everything to boost your overall health and wellness!


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